Richard E. Bassey

Richard E. Bassey


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Richard E.Bassey
Richard E.Bassey

Know me proper.


I am Richard E. Bassey, am from Cross River State in Nigeria. I live in the city of Port Harcourt with my family. 

I am a man of high intelligence and a very watchful fellow, I take my time to do a thing. Sometimes it might seems so stupid in the eyes many who are watching or listening. But I always have my way.

I am a graduate of Public Administration from the University of Calabar, worked in so many establishment as a driver, an engineer, a safety personnel, today as a Transport and Logistics Coordinator. 

I am married to a beautiful woman and we are blessed with 4 kids, a boy and 3 girls.


Shoukd you have any concern, please don't hesitate to write to us.